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Sreyal King 34.5" x 9.5" COMPLETE


The original Sreyal design that combine all genres of skateboarding for the ultimate riding experience. Constructed with 7ply 1/16” maple with big tail and spoon concave inspired by pre-popsicle, OG boards. The King measures out to 34.5” in length and 9.5” wide. The shape is totally functional to be super-responsive to carving, sliding, and Ollie trick situations. This makes the King the best commuter/cruiser on the market and the most fun to ride.
You’ll see its outfitted with Jessup Grip, Paris 180mm V2 50 degree trucks, 65mm 78a Arbor Sucrose Initiative Wheels, Sreyal Steelhead Bearings, and Sreyal "Fish hooks" hardware.